Advocacy for our Laboratorians

Our primary goal is to advocate for our profession and our patients. We do this by representing the interests of the clinical laboratory and affiliated professions and members of the Society in all government and other forums that affect these interests and being involved in national and state legislation and promoting licensure for all medical laboratory professionals.


We want to provide educational opportunities to students, future students, non-laboratory professionals and patients.

Educational Events:

  • Spring Symposium
  • Joint Annual Meeting

We encourage our members to share their education and expertise by presenting at these and other professional meetings! Some of our accomplishments include:

Textbook:  Clinical Chemistry: Principles, Techniques, and Correlations (8th Edition by members Michael Bishop and Carleen Van Siclen)

Textbook: Proficiency Examination Review Handbook, 10th Edition (Hematology & Hemostasis by Carleen Van Siclen).

Presentation: Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel Laws and Rules (for the 2022 FSCLS Spring Symposium), Carleen Van Siclen.

Presentation: City Lights and Country Nights: The Built Environment's Role in Access to Laboratory Services and Health (for the 2022 FSCLS Spring Symposium and the 2022 ASCLS Joint Annual Meeting), Kyle Riding

Presentation:  Oh, the places you will go: Infections of Leisure (for the 2022 FSCLS Spring Symposium), Aaron Odegard

Presentation: Mindfulness and the Medical Laboratory (for the 2023 FSCLS Spring Symposium), Kyle Riding

Presentation: Epigenetics: Diagnostic Methods in the Clinical Laboratory (for the 2023 FSCLS Spring Symposium), Maridaliz Rodriguez-Rosado

Presentation: Old Friends & New: Emerging and Re-Emerging Pathogens in the Microbiology Laboratory (for the 2023 FSCLS Spring Symposium and the 2023 ASCLS Joint Annual Meeting), Maridaliz Rodriguez-Rosado & Emilia Marrero-Greene

Presentation: Diversity Panel on Respect (for the 2022 ASCLS Joint Annual Meeting), Ogechi Ohaeto & Emilia Marrero-Greene


Below is a list of previous National, Regional, and State award winners. Congratulations! We are very proud of our FSCLS All-Stars!

Scholarship Winners:

  • 2024: Destiny Presley and Laura Gibson
  • 2023: Evalis Wong (1st) and David Ecker (2nd)

Joint Annual Meeting Awards:

  • 2024: Mark De Luna, Alpha Mu Tau Eleanor Parchman Memorial Scholarship and Katherine Guise, Alpha Mu Tau Dorothy Morrison Memorial Scholarship
  • 2023: Katherine Guise, Rodak Scholarship (E&R), Undergraduate Poster Award

Ascending Professionals Leadership

  • 2024: Emily Woten
  • 2023: Ogechi Ohaeto

Developing Professionals Leadership

  • 2024: Katherine (Katie) Guise

Voices Under 40

  • 2024: Ogechi Ohaeto

  • 2023: Kyle Riding

  • 2021: Aaron Odegard
  • 2020: Jenny Ford

Member of the Year

  • 2024: Kyle Riding

  • 2023: Carleen Van Siclen
  • 2020: Halcyon St. Hill
  • 2019: Aaron Odegard

Omicron Sigma

  • 2024: Maridaliz Rodriguez-Rosado, Mark De Luna, Halcyon St. Hill, Ed Peterson
  • Past winners on the state, regional and national levels: Ogechi Ohaeto, Mark De Luna, Emilia Marrero-Greene, Tripat Kaur, Carleen Van Siclen, Halcyon St. Hill, Jasmine Kendrick

Keys to the Future

  • 2024: Katherine Guise, Emily Woten, Federico Quezada
  • 2023: Katherine Hall, Ed Peterson, Heather McNasby
  • 2022: Maridaliz Rodriguez-Rosado
  • 2021: Jasmine Kendrick
  • 2020: Ogechi Ohaeto, Aaron Odegard, Emilia Marrero-Greene
  • 2019: Mark De Luna
  • 2016: Tripat Kaur

Current Leadership

President - Emilia Marrero-Greene

President Elect - Heather McNasby

Past President - Mark De Luna

Treasurer - Halcyon St. Hill

Secretary - Lynn Ulmer

District I Director – Vacant

District II Director – Ogechi Ohaeto

District III Director – Vacant

District IV Director – Maridaliz Rodriguez-Rosado

District V Director – Ed Peterson

Government Affairs Liaison/PAC – JoAnne Koch-Owens

Ascending Professional – Katherine Hall

Developing Professional (Student) – Katherine Guise

Website/Microsite – Halcyon St. Hill, Emilia Marrero-Greene, and Mark De Luna

FlorOcular Newsletter – Vacant

Handbook/Bylaws – Halcyon St. Hill

Scholarship – Vacant

Continuing Education/PACE – Lynn Ulmer

Awards – Vacant

Membership Development – Emily Woten

Student Development – Vacant

Facebook/Social Media Coordinators – Vacant

Nominations and Elections – Mark DeLuna

NMLPW-Professional/Public Relations – Maridaliz Rodriguez Rosado